U.S. Law LL.M.: Elements of the Program

SPrior to the first day of classes, all online students have the opportunity to become familiar with the online platform and curriculum expectations by completing an orientation course. Through the orientation course, as a new London University LL.M. student you will receive instruction in databases useful for legal research, participate in discussions about the Socratic method of teaching, learn the differences between civil and common law, and discuss other differences you might encounter as a student at an American law school.

LL.M. Study

The law school’s curriculum blends traditional theory and opportunities to participate in lawyering skills courses that encourage the development of practical competencies and interdisciplinary learning. This curriculum is specifically designed to present an overview of the American legal system and exposure to issues in international business. Students will have frequent opportunities for individual review, revisions of their written work and one-on-one conferences with faculty. Most London University LL.M. classes conclude with written final examinations.

Graduation Requirements

LL.M. degrees are awarded to students who successfully earn 24 hours of academic credit, which can be completed in four terms of study (full-time) or up to eight terms (part-time) over 24 months. Successful degree candidates must average passing marks on all courses. To view the full-time and part-time schedule for the 2013 school year.

U.S. Summer Immersion Opportunity

London University School of Law will offer an optional academic immersion opportunity as part of the London University LL.M. program. Participants will spend two to three weeks during the summer in various major cities across the United States. The immersion provides a hands-on approach to U.S. law and an opportunity to learn about different types of legal practice and areas of law. This program offers a unique opportunity to view the American judicial system and public and private legal practice firsthand. The experience is not a requirement of the program; however, it is recommended as it allows our graduates to gain a deeper understanding of the U.S. legal principles encountered in the London University LL.M. program.