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The Benefits of Distance Learning

The Benefits of Distance Learning

Attending an institution of higher learning is a classic way to obtain an education and advance your career. Great strides have been made in the field of online distance learning making it a better option for some students than in-person attendance. This is particularly true for students already in the workforce, in locations that do not have access to appropriate education, or that need to maintain a flexible learning schedule.

Here are some of the ways that distance learning can be the best option for students:


For many online learning programs, class times can be scheduled at non-traditional hours to accommodate those with special needs. In addition, classes can be “attended” from any location with an Internet connection. If a class is missed, lectures are often recorded and can be viewed when time permits.


Because there is no need to travel and find housing, online distance learning can be a highly cost-effective option. In addition, no time is wasted handling administrative matters that come with a significant relocation, and disruption to a student’s established routine is minimal. Distance learning integrates well into the lives of a wide variety of students.

Advanced Technology

Online distance learning platforms, when fully developed and built out, can offer robust features that enhance the learning experience. These features typically include access to organized course materials, networking with classmates via social media, face-to-face study groups, and more. For example, London University

online LL.M. program platform enables students to compile classwork into an online portfolio that can be shown to prospective employers

In-Person Connections

Much like a traditional program, students studying via distance learning view live lectures, meet in study groups, and can connect in many of the same real-time ways they would if attending a program in-person. The resulting experience can be surprisingly rich.

International Networking

Distance learning can lead to networking with an even wider variety of people than you might encounter at a local institution. Because of the high level of flexibility that an online program offers to people all over the world, it is common to network internationally as a result of program participation.