• The Benefits of Distance Learning

    Attending an institution of higher learning is a classic way to obtain an education and advance your career. Great strides have been made in the field of online distance learning making it a better option for some students than in-person attendance. This is particularly true for students already in

  • Major Differences Between the Japanese and American Legal Systems

    The various legal systems in place around the world share certain features, but very few (perhaps none) are exactly alike. Indeed, as each system reflects the needs, cultures and traditions of the nation it represents, the world’s legal systems are as variable as the people themselves. Therefore,

  • How to Build and Leverage an International Professional Network

    Participating in a strong community of like-minded individuals will benefit your professional career. However, creating that community or network can be challenging. Traditionally, attorneys have relied on in-person meetings to create their professional networks. In our increasingly global economy,